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Why Did We Organize This Society?

The Ewell Family Historical & Genealogical Society was originally organized in January, 1988, by a group of descendents of William Fletcher Ewell and Mary Bland. At that time, the society was organized as the William Fletcher Ewell and Mary Lee Bland Ewell Jones family organization. Subsequently, James Hunter Ewell contacted us and asked us to furnish the descendents of the Pleasant Ewell branch for a book that would eventually contain all of the information on all Ewell branches in America. He felt it was time that all of this information should be collected into one place.

In the winter of 1987, we started a newsletter titled "Roots and Branches" as an announcement that we existed, and as an opportunity for others to combine their knowledge with ours. In the summer of 1988, we announced the interest of James Hunter Ewell, and our intent to submit our information to him for his book that would be a quick reference for all of the Ewell branches in America. This book was published in 1990 under the title of "The Ewells in America and Some Allied Families 1635-1990".

Our "Roots and Branches" Newsletters

In the seven newsletters of "Roots and Branches", we tried to cover the original branches of the Ewells that came into America, such as the Henry Ewell branch that came to America in the early 1600's and the James/Charles Ewell branches that came to America in the late 1600's. The last issue was published in June, 1995, because we felt that attempting to cover so many branches of the Ewells in America prevented us from focusing properly on any one particular branch.

The Creation of This Website

The purpose of this website is to fulfill the original purpose of the newsletter, which is to cover all of the Ewell branches in America, yet allow all visiting researchers to easily find only the information in which they have an interest. This website will serve as an addition and correction to the information found in the book, "The Ewells in America and Some Allied Families 1635-1990".

The Ewell researchers who wish to share their information, and those who just wish to gain more information, can come together and collaborate with each other for the benefit of all. Whether you are a researcher or not, send us any information (which includes, but is not limited to, photos, histories and documents) you are willing to share. We continue to hope that someone out there has information that clears up a missing link for the rest of us.


VaLene Ewell Collings-Director/Researcher

Paul Jensen-Research Coordinator

Shauna Burke-Website Designer